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Friday 11 September 2015

MAEROR TRI-Yearning From The Secrect Of Nature-(Fool`s Paraside Recs-UK-1992)

Maeror Tri was an ambient, noise and drone music band from Germany founded in the 1980s which consisted of Stefan "Baraka H" Knappe, Martin "GLIT[s]CH" Gitschel and Helge Siehl.
They used only live instruments to produce music with enormous amount of effects applied. They disbanded in the late 1990s after releasing a number of limited-edition records. They released music on labels such as Old Europa Cafe, Ant-Zen, Staalplaat, and Soleilmoon.
Stefan and Martin continued under the name of Troum, while Helge is recording as Tausendschoen. Stefan Knappe is also the founder and owner of Drone Records.(from wikipedia)
Fool`s Paradise Records was a small english label releasing experimental electronics on CD / vinyl / cassettes.It is not active any longer.
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A Timeless Transcension 32:55
B Yearning For The Secrets Of Nature 27:19


"The material was recorded September 1991 to December 1992. This cassette-only release is dedicated to the Nature. Thanks and greetings to Robin. There also exists a videofilmversion of "Timeless Transcension".

4-panel J-card. Cassette shell is spray-painted. Dolby B. Some copies dubbed onto C90.

The first 23 copies came packaged in a wheel of metal wire.

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