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Wednesday 9 September 2015

ESTASI ACIDA - PornoHorrors - (BV Tapes-UK-c60-1994)

Another tape-work by the ghost collective E.A.,project covered in this blog many times already. Here the same info that I passed to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog 5 years ago.
This tape was released in 1994 by BV tapes in England. It came out with a small booklet (A5 size) with copy art- works inspired by the subject of the title. Most of them were copy-art works that were also used for a few mail art projects, or as contributions to a few graphics zines. Also the tape was wrapped in “blood red” medical gauze, closed with a pin. (pictures included here).
The inspirational themes for this tape were ”pornography” thought as a lustful pleasure and “horrors” thought as fear/pain/suffering.
The music is a weird attempt to put together sound-collage, field recordings, percussions, and more random noises. A strange trip into the realm of torture and pain and pleasure/orgasms. For this project, E.A. means Acid Ecstasy. 

A  Discogs page about BV Tapes is here,
Enjoy it.
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Track listing:
Porno Side
A Untitled
Horror Side
B Untitled