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Sunday 27 September 2015

v.a.-ROOM CAPACITY-(Bawler Productions-c70-Germany-1996)

Another astonishing release  by the amazing  Bawler Productions,I posted already few tapes released by this good label.
Here a concept compilation:"Imagine you are in a big and empty hall and you should fill it with sound and atmosphere". The Results...are amazing sound sculptures by very good artists active in the 90s. 
It seems that every cover sleeve had a different glued image.
Enjoy this amazing compilation.
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A1 M.Nomized Close Your Eyes In The Temple 10:10
A2 End Of Silence Return Of The Silence 9:40
A3 Mlehst Bandaging Again 10:10
A4 Zero Emission Steel Spider (How To Catch And Cocoon Living Human Beings For A Harrassing Meal) 6:59
B1 De Fabriek Killer Planets 5:37
B2 De Fabriek Desert Storm (Remix) 5:22
B3 Re-Wound Delhi, Main Bazar (The Tantric Method) 11:42
B4 Aube Innermostfount 9:45
B5 Bär & Co besucht R. Koenders Besucht 3:57

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