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Friday 11 September 2015

TATSUYA YOSHIDA-Solo Works-(Magaibutsu-Japan-1989)

Yoshida Tatsuya(b.1961) is one of the most innovative drummers,composers and improvisers on the Japanese avantgarde scene.Best known as a founding member of energetic  drums+bass duo Ruins(continued as a solo project Ruins Alone since 2004),founder and leader of influential Zeuhl band Koenjiyakkei(often cited as Japanese Magma and many other bands and collaborations(John Zorn,Fred Frith,Derek Bailey,Otomo Yoshihide and many more).(from discogs)
There is so much to write about him that I would very probably get lost,so I don`t even try but you can just visit his very well done webpage to read about all the bands in which he played,the long discography,the gigs and all the rest.
A genius of impossible possibilities.
Enjoy it.
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ps-about this tape i wrote few lines specifically to explain some subjects related to it,you will it find them in  the same folder,my tape has a very bad xerox copy of the cover sleeve.

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