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Tuesday 15 September 2015

v.a.-DISCREET CAMPAIGNS-(Rorschach Testing Product-UK-1985)

Very good compilation of abstract,post punk,new wave,industrial and experimental music edited and distributed by the english Rorschach Testing Product,old  cassette label active in the 80s and now defunct.
It came out in a clear vinyl pouch with 20 page booklet profiling each artist,all the scans provided here.

Enjoy it.
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A1 John Marc Gowans The First Thing You Ever Said To Me (Edit) 1:00
A2 Eyeless In Gaza Stay 4:23
A3 The Flamingos (2) This Heat 4:13
A4 The Wake Torn Calendar 4:51
A5 Corpaelia The Mentor Will Rise 4:10
A6 Cocteau Twins Pale Clouded White 3:20
A7 James What's The World (Live) 1:53
A8 The Decemberists (2) James Is 2:37
A9 Furniture Bullet 5:06
A10 Dif Juz Echo Wreck 4:40
A11 Kevin McDermott The Faintest Sound 3:52
B1 Chris & Cosey Shiver 5:00
B2 Actors And Famous People End Users 3:32
B3 Resistance (5) And With Disease (Live) 4:17
B4 John Marc Gowans Return To Activity 6:00
B5 Durutti Column* Weakness And Fever 5:20
B6 Life (3) Optimism (Electro Version) 4:44
B7 Spiral Staircase Everybody Has Bad Dreams 3:19
B8 Ganzheit Preface And Hostilities 3:30
B9 New Order Sunrise (Instrumental Rough Mix) 5:39


  1. Some great tracks on this, it's so nice to hear them again. Thanks!!!

  2. Been looking for this FOREVER! Still have my copy in a yellowing plastic case. For some reason, when I try and open the file, I get stuck and can only extract the first six songs. Will keep trying, but anyone else having a similar problem? Thanks

  3. (Ignore previous comment. SUCCESS!)
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. Been searching for FOREVER.
    Can't wait to revisit after 30+ years!

  4. @ Dania Collins-i changed the link-try again...

  5. This is awesome, thamk you!
    I have one nit: track 1 on your rip combines track a1 and a2 from the original cassette. The other track titles are incorrect as a result. Just thought you should know..

    1. I double check it and it doesn`t seems to me that the first 2 tracks are combined together...