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Friday, 12 September 2014

INSTITUTE OF SONIC PONDERANCE-Seven Pieces For Finland-(JM tapes-Finland-1997)

This American project is formed by Roberto Cozzolino and Richard Holland and active in Chicago in the mid-90s. There is more info inside the cover-sleeve. They play a kind of concrete-classical music with piano, percussion, violin, guitar and samples.
The Finnish tape label JM Tapes was managed by Jupe Luoma and it is a short name for Joukkomurha-Productions, tape label that I already covered in this blog a couple of times.
Yes, this tape appears to be the release number 60 of this small yet very active label.
Great :>)
ps-this tape is unindexed
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  1. Trying again. If memory serves we sent this to some kid who sent us a fan letter slapped together out of old material and he, industrious chap that he was, duped the hell out of it. Probably got more distribution than we ever did actually pressing official records. If someone still makes these I'd love one. I interview Bob on unrelated matters on this week's episode (481) of Bad at Sports with some of our music thrown in at the end of the show. www.badatsports.com