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Wednesday 1 February 2023

STARFISH POOL - Interference `96 - (Nova Zembia-Belgium-1996)

  The electronic project of Koen Lybaert - that evolved out of Starfish Enterprises - that was active between 1993 and 2003. Starfish Pool was working in the experimental area of minimal, rhythmic, ambient and noise in all its aspects. Since the very start it is the manipulation of loops - the basic idea of the way tracks were created as Starfish Pool. This concept that has nothing to do with the sound but more with the way that tracks where practically made. In 10 years' time Starfish Pool had more than 25 releases. 

 Nova Zembla was a sub label of KK Records in Belgium. Initially launched in 1993, releasing material licensed from the pioneering Australian trance label Psy-Harmonics.with artist's such as Zen Paradox, Lumukanda, Third Eye, and Shaolin Wooden Men,
As the label began to establish itself in the European tech-trance seen. new artist's were added to their line up, and the music became more diversified, and releases started to feature material that ranged from hard trance like Delta Plan and Bulbawee to sci-fi ambient like Starfish Pool and hard chill trance such as Self-Transforming Machine Elves. and Goa trance by Elysium, Rounding things off with artists like Worm, Black Lung, Xingu Hill, and Sympathy Nervous who were more techno oriented, and their material was more experimental or ambient in nature, rather than trance.
Label shut down in 2000. (all info from Discogs)  click me


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