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Thursday 23 February 2023

Raising Hell N24 - (Fanzine-UK-2021)

 Issue 24 of this very famous English Zine ,the issue 23 was released in 1990 and then Ben relesed a few zines using the name You`re So Hideous during the 90s. After 30 years Ben got back in the zine scene with his well-known name "Raising Hell", just when Sned of Amorphous Pieces released a full book -Omnibus 1982-1990 containing all the old issues squeezed into 500 pages,a microscopic monster,to say at the least.

In this issue interviews to Mau-Maus, Rebel Riot and Backstreet Abortions + the Mexican libertarian collective J.A.R., thons of music reviews ,books reviews, graphix and rants. An excellent zine and the editorial of this issue is definetly something to read...! Enjoy it.

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