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Thursday 7 October 2021

CO-FUSION ‎- Co-Fu - (Sublime Records-Japan-1998)

Co-Fusion's debut, CO-FU, starts with the bass madness of "Strutin'"... and that's before the crazed horn sample comes in. "Zit'r Bug" has a sharper edge to it with its metallic overtones and insistent drum bass, while the breaks on "You Looking For" helps secure the swarming synths above it. The clattering percussion on "Cycle," as well, shows off their real strength: those beats. The metallic tones come back on "Dizzy," accompanied by a brighter melodic line, while "A.T.P." strikes a straight-forward 4/4. A perky electro creeps into "Early Summer Daze," and "Jungler Gray" brings in a thoughtful guitar in towards the end. A hint of funk enlivens "Wilbee Wilbee" and a bit of sci-fi spaciness whistles into "Five Forty." And "Torn Open" closes the album on a more pure note of funk, reappropriating some soundtrack horns to be placed into a series of quick breaks. There's no confusion with Co-Fusion. click me (review by scoundrel,published on Discogs July 16,2016) Sublime Recs Offical Webpage



Strutin' 7:09
Zit'r Bug 7:21
You Looking For 5:46
Cycle 6:05
Dizzy 5:58
A.T.P. 6:02
Early Summer Daze 6:31
Jungler Gray 6:25
Wilbee Wilbee 5:43
Five Forty 6:24
Torn Open 7:13

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  1. Whatever this is, it goes brilliantly with strong coffee!