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Monday 25 October 2021

STEFANO GIACCONE - Cosi' Che Va / Tsoai-Talee ‎- (Jason Family-UK-2001)

 Italian but born in Los Angeles (USA) in 1959, moved to Torino, Italy in 1966. Since summer '98 he is living in the UK.
Self trained, Stefano Giaccone plays sax, guitar and sings.
He started playing in 1973, following lots of different musical fields since then: folk-rock to jazz, punk to avant-garde rock and has performed regularly either with bands or as a solo artist. His musical career developed inside the independent and underground scene and he is regarded as an influential songwriter since his leading role in the Italian music scene of the eighties as founder of Franti, the record label Blu Bus and a 3 years engagement with Kina (4), one of italian best known Punk bands.
His collaboration with Lalli, the former singer of Franti, gave birth to several projects such as Orsi Lucille, Ishi and Howth Castle.

In 1998 Stefano released his first solo album, 'Le Stesse Cose Ritornano', under the alias Tony Buddenbrook.
Stefano has been working at a trilogy of mini CDs, 'The Blue Color' which have been published in 1999 to 2001. They all evolved in collaboration with british musicians. An independent label based in London, Jonson Family, has published a single of his songs.
The Florence based label Santeria released the album, 'Tutto Quello Che Vediamo...' in March 2003, recorded partly in the UK (with collaborations by Clive Painter-Broken Dogs and Dylan Fowler) and partly in Italy, produced by Perturbazione's Gigi Giancursi.
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