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Wednesday 13 October 2021

v.a.-Dewa Compilation Tape-(Dewa Records-Japan-2000)

Brilliant compilation with a bunch of extreme bands playing grindcore ,crust punk and HC Punk.It came with 6-panel insert,including graphics and lyrics + addresses of the bands.The tape is enclosed in an hardcase and it has a colour cover sleeve.(all the relevant scans included here)

Dewa Records was a record label from Yamagata, Japan. No longer active. 

Enjoy it.

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A1Bolt SteinSuch A Thing Is Need Not!!
A2Bolt SteinEnviromental Pollution
A3Bolt Stein信念
A4Deride (2)B.O.D (Beginning Of Discrimination)
A5Age*Desire And God
B1Pile Of Trash地球布告
B2Pile Of Trash......
B3Peaceful Collapse途絶える生命
B4Terrible HeadacheMoney
B5Terrible HeadacheTake It Back
B6Terrible HeadacheInsanity
B7Terrible HeadacheImpute
B8Terrible HeadacheTerrible Pain
B9Terrible HeadacheLeft Undone    

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