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Sunday 31 January 2021

Piume E Sangue-Non Prenda Quell'Espressione Stupida-(Hax-Italy-1992)

 Piume E Sangue,in this tape, were G. Gasparin and Felice Spasavento,I have already posted other two tapes by this interesting project. 

Non Prenda Quell`Espressione Stupida evolves in some musical experiments that reminds me avant-garde and neo-classic music mixing genius and bizarre cacophony.       f/a)r:a/w(a~y^ click me

Hax is an Italian experimental label run collectively by Massimiliano Gatti (Bekko Bunsen, Lunhare), Marco Milanesio (DsorDNE), Marco Pustianaz (Snowdonia), Guido Lusetti (Gregorsamsa) and Cristiana Bauducco.
Originally intended to be an outlet for DsorDNE and related material - music, video and booklets - it grew into a larger collaborative effort as more parties got involved after the publication of DsorDNE's debut album È Un Sole.
The style range expanded simultaneously from Electronic, Post-Punk, Experimental, Noise Rock to Modern Classical, Chansons, Avantgarde Folk, Alternative and Space Rock.

From 1987 's first release – a split Single by DsorDNE and The Legendary Pink Dots (for whom they opened during the Italian Tour) with an issue of Snowdonia Fanzine up to the later more diverse publications all Hax products where conceived as a labour of love backed up by day-time jobs and often packed in elaborate sleeves.
HAX ' autonomy reached new heights with the enhancement of Marco Milanesio's Acqualuce Studios in 1991 which led to an increased output. While he concentrated in a more professional environment on recording and producing the main distribution and pr work was done by Max Gatti, M. Pustianaz, and Cristiana Bauducco.
The HAX collective also worked as distributor and participated in co-releasing with like minded artists or labels i.e. Turin's Franti or the EMDA Label (En Manque D'Autre).(from Discogs)

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