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Saturday 23 January 2021

SATURN`S FLEA COLLAR ‎– Monosyllabic -(Alternative Tentacles-USA-1996)

An american project developed by members of the legendary Victims Family! In fact guitarist Ralph Spight and  bassist  Larry Boothroyd join Jason Christian to create creative and  original tunes.

Expect broken rhytms, fast changes, jazzy melodies mixed with powerful  riffs.Some kind of HC punk is there yet it is all a fantastic mash up of various influences.For the lovers of Victims Family and related projects.

Big Thanx to Puppybarf for this original vinyl rip.

Enjoy it.

:f_a)r~a_(w*a/y~ click me


1 Walls Impede My Progress
2 Free And Easy Wanderer
3 Sugar Frosted Loopholes
4 Doo
5 Always Six O'Clock
6 Variations
7 Splatter Facts
8 Quit It
9 My Plants Are Mad At Me
10 Jimi, Jim, And Janis
11 Damn Birds
12 Is In The Middle Of
13 The Song That Used To Be About Midgets
14 Aches And Pains
15 Billy And Some Apples
16 Don't Fuck With The Guy Who Makes Your Food
17 Frolic With The Hunchbacks
18 Heavy Rotation
19 Why Can't You Be Nice?
20 The Gas Bill And Love

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