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Thursday 11 June 2020

L. S. DIESEL / 2000 DIRTY SQUATTERS - Double Your Money Or Take The Mystery Prize-(Scrap Metal Records-UK-1995)

Amazing split 12" with 2 legendary projects coming from the very underground squatting scene of the 90s. 
I wrote, already, about L.S. Diesel when I posted their classic album "Suicidal Dub" released by Charged in 1996.
2000 Dirty Squatters was a kind of European collective/band born in London on the end of the 80s, a long and detailed biography is here.
Scrap Metal Records was a sub-label of  Scrap Recs, the label founded by 2000 DS, their official webpage offers to us history, pictures, discography and related projects.
In this rare 12" LS Diesel shoot a splendid example of their very idiosyncratic style of electronic music mixing some peculiar hybrid of dub and techno with vocals while on the other side we`ll find the 2000DS playing their distinct and aggressive HC punk.
This is a classic vinyl documenting the great diversity and originality of certain obscure yet astonishing underground culture.  
Enjoy it.
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