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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Underground Scene fanzine HC & Thrash n2-(Fanzine-Spain-1989)

Old Spanish fanzine made in the Basque Country and focusing on the HC punk ad thrash metal scene.
In this issue interview to Jingo De Lunch, Karkaxa, GBH, Overthrow, Estigia, Depresion HC, Lunatics, Escombro, Cork Flakes, a biography of Whiplash, reports about the Japanese scene, the New York scene, the German scene and articles about Outburst, Gruel, Reaccion Corrupta, Brutal Obscenity + gigs reviews, letters news and rants.
A great tool to research the lively Hc punk and thrash metal scene of the fabulous 80s. 
In the Spanish Language only. 

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