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Wednesday 21 November 2018

v.a.-Korm Audio Art Three-The 4 Elements-(Korm Plastics-Holland-1988)

Each artist gives his own interpretation of a soundscore made by Frans de Waard. It comes with a thick paper cover professionally printed on both sides. Numbers manually stamped with colour ink. 
Limited edition of 256 copies. It was later reprinted as CDR. 
A brief synthesis of the art-concept is reported inside the cover sleeve.
Enjoy it.
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A1 THU20 The 4 Elements 7:30
A2 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe The 4 Elements 7:30
A3 Alain Basso The 4 Elements 7:30
B1 Massimo Toniutti The 4 Elements 7:30
B2 Kapotte Muziek The 4 Elements 7:30
B3 Hiofarwa The 4 Elements 7:30

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