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Saturday 3 November 2018

HEADACHE-Discography-(Life Is Abuse-USA-2005)

Full cd with complete discography by this rather bizarre band from Leeds, although most of them were actually foreigners, nevermind a nationality Headache forged a music that is difficult to describe. 
Deviated, psychotic, broken rhythms, crazy vocals, weird lyrics, deranged passages and hilarious changes of song`s structures are all the ingredients for their rather strange music`s recipe yet we can call it HC Punk..., maybe. 
This great cd comes with a long booklet reporting lyrics and weird graphics-work drawings by Birdy,(the drummer)!
As far as I know, after they split up Titi` and Max formed Jmen Fous in Lausanne (Switzerland).
Life Is Abuse is a label active since 1992, although their official webpage is still on they are no longer trading, selling or releasing new material.
Enjoy this amazing cd.


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