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Sunday 11 November 2018

SATANIC MALFUNCTIONS-Hellbound-(Teacore-UK-1988)

Fast, brutal, to-the-point punk/hardcore/crust/thrash attack from Scarborough. 
Formed in the mid-1980's, following the demise of S.A.S (2) Reformed in 2013 (Satanic Malfunctions (2)) with Ade as the original member as well as Yaga and Ryan and Kai from Belligerent Declaration. Another line-up consists solely of Stuart Duchart (Satanic Malfunctions (3)). (from Discogs)
Their Bandcamp page is here, strange enough this album is not listed there.
Enjoy it. 
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  1. Thank you so much... I only had a 128k rip from ages ago... can't find this LP here in my country.

    Do you have a good rip of their other LP, Disgrace to Humanity? If so can you share?

    I LOVE the guitar tone on this.


  2. Hello Mat13,I will share Disgrace To Humanity lp in future,watch this space...

  3. Please, I'm looking for SLAB! ''descension''. Could you get it?

  4. @Miguel Perlado-Please visit Slab page on Discogs and follow the links there,they have blog and also Discension is on teri Soundclaoud page...ask them,too.