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Thursday 13 September 2018


Astonishing compilation cd with great acts playing some brilliant and sublime forms of ambient, industrial, techno, ancient rhythmic noise and bizarre frazzled weird goings. 
Praxis is a label and record shop for harsh experimental electronic music led by Christoph Fringeli based in Berlin (first located in London/UK, then in Berlin/Germany, then in Basel/Switzerland, now again in Berlin/Germany), its official webpage is here.
Enjoy it.


01 Bitniks* Audioactive 7:37
02 Bourbonese Qualk Pseudocode 4:00
03 The Mover Track 2 3:51
04 Lagowski Screaming In Chains 7:31
05 GTO Sonic Ocean 8:57
06 9901 Violation 3:12
07 Deadly Buda Nirvana Trail 5:10
08 Mnortham* When Time Became A Lock 5:19
09 Zeroxyd Error 6:49
10 Noface (You Don't Have To Do Anything Now But) Hallucinate 4:45
11 Metatron Mark Of The Beast 2:57

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