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Wednesday 27 September 2017

BULIMIA BANQUET-Live A Forte Prenestino il 4/5/91-(Kontagio Produzioni Tapes-Italy-1991)

This is an amazing document about the Bulimia Banquet gig in this famous Italian squat.
This band from Los Angels(California, USA ) plays a very personal style of alternative punk, somehow touching the indie, the math rock, and the hardcore punk. A genial band delivering explosive live performances with funny talks and lyrics. This tape is here to prove it with an excellent recording.
Kontagio Produzioni Tapes was a small distro releasing mostly live tapes recorded in this massive squat(probably the biggest in Europe).
Forte Prenestino is, in fact, a fort squatted on the end of the 80s and still alive and kicking. 
To complete this post I am attaching few nice pics of their gig at the Diskarika Occupata in Foggia during the very same tour.
 Big thanx To Giuseppe M. for those pics.
Enjoy it.
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  1. Hey Faraway- I would love to get a copy of this tape. We had so much fun at Forte Prenestino. How do I get ahold of you?
    Jula from Bulimia Banquet

    1. Hello Jula we met in Italy during that tour...about getting a copy of this tape just click on the link-it is written little "click me"...and tyou can download it,enjoy it...if you really want to write me then write a comment with your email address,i will NOT publish it but I will write you :)

  2. thanks for sharing this. Loved listening to my BB records back in the day.