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Saturday 2 September 2017

GABBA-Leave Stockholm-(Stigma Records-UK-1999)

Gabba is a London-based British tribute band performing ABBA songs in the stripped-down punk style of the Ramones, a style of pop punk they dubbed disco-punk and claim to have invented.[1] They formed in 1996 and took their name in 1999. They have released three albums as of 2006.
 Gabba was informally formed in 1996[2] by Stig Honda, alleged "professor at the Osaka Rock 'n' Roll High School", who enrolled five students from all over the world to fuse the disco pop of Abba and the punk rock of the Ramones, creating "disco-punk".
In 1999, the band took its name of "GABBA, The Discopunk Sensation". The name is an acrostic on the members' nicknames, echoing both the Ramones' "Gabba Gabba Hey" and the name of Abba.
Their second recording and official debut album, the CD Leave Stockholm (1999), was produced by Stigma Records (UK) and sub-distributed by Rough Trade Records.
According to a band statement [1], " [In 2001] GABBA release their complex 3rd album, the Spanish language "Tijuana Dance". However, the album was banned and withdrawn from sale after just 1 week for being "Anti-Establishment", due to some confusion over Bee Bee's appalling Spanish translations which inadvertently accused the Queen of England [sic] of being a Nazi Stormtrouper (in a stupor, no less). It is unclear if the album will ever be released again. "(from wikipedia)
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