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Tuesday 9 August 2016

SOLANACEAE TAU-Destruction Is Not Negative You Must Destroy To Build-(Nihilistick Noise-Germany-c60-1991)

Another astonishing cassette by this amazing german project:I wrote about it when I posted the tapes:Outdoor Expressions,   A Chemical In Debris and Transgerman Mind Configuration.
This tape was released on their own label Nihilistic Noise and distributed in Italy by the italian label Contaminated Productions.
For who is not familiar with this great project here few info: Solanaceae Tau were an anti-fascist band from Germany active throughout the middle 80s until the middle 90s. 
They released lots of good tapes both d.i.y. and on different tape labels. Their music is a good mix of cold/dark wave and experimental-electronics made with samples, keyboards, female vocals, drum machine, and sometimes guitar. 
Enjoy it.

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