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Wednesday 17 August 2016

MARGARET FREEMAN-Academy Serial-(3Rio Art-Belgium-c46-1990)

On december 2011 I passed this amazing tape to Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum blog and in my small review I asked everybody to pass me more info  as I didn`t know much about this french project.Quite few people commented that post and eventually the artist behind it Pascal Jeannet wrote us  passing us few useful links  with info and pics.Eventually He did open his own webpage about all his past and present projects:all free downloads,as for this one he linked the page of Vita Ignus Corpus Lignum blog unfortunately that link  is expired so I re-post it here.
For you all curious to know more visit his well done webpage.
3Rioart was a small belgian label active since the late 80s and  managed by Hybryds their actual webpage is here.
For all the lovers of old school industrial mixing dark wave,synth jingles crushing percussive drums and crazy vocals,this is a great tape.
Enjoy it. 
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