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Sunday 14 August 2016

ALPHANE MOON-The Echoing Grove-(Camera Obscura-Australia-1999)

I spoke already about this Welsh project when I posted the fanzine with the same name.
Alphane Moon was a duo:Dafydd Roberts and Ruth McDonald.They were into psychedelic culture,paganism and space rock.
In this great album they offer us 8 tracks of amazing avantgarde music mixing space rock,weird folk,dronish experiments,poetic sounds and more fantasy `s jingles.
"The Echoing Grove" was recorded during 1994 at Ciliau Aeron, Erwlon and Dolaugwyddion-uchaf in Wales, and was originally released in 1996 on various tape labels in a total quantity not amounting to more than 100.I must have the tape as well somewhere,I will therefore post the cover sleeve of that tape in future.
Amazing music...great graphix too,I just love it. 
Enjoy it.
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