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Sunday 15 May 2016

TERMINUS-Live at Queens Hotel-Scunthorpe-19.03.1988+TERMINUS-Live at Queens Hotel-Scunthorpe-19.10.1991-(Not On Label-c60-UK-1992)

Here two live recordings by the mighty Terminus,a band already covered in this blog,in fact I just love their music and attitude.I wrote about them when I posted the very rare tape Hands Up For An early Grave, after that post I got in touch with Mark(the singer/guitarist) and He kindly donated to this blog 3 other rare tapes First Demo(1984),Catalogue of Crime(1985) and Body Count(1986).
I am now very happy to share those two other jewels,two gigs at Queens Hotel in Scumthorpe,the recordings are pretty good and in fact this tape delivers us their full energy as live act.
For all of you curious to know more about this astonishing band I can just suggest you to visit their nice webpage where you can read their biography,discography,interviews and more related issues. 
To complete this post I must give all my gratitude to Mark for giving me permission to post those amazing live documents.
Enjoy it.
live at queens hotel-1988 
live at queens hotel-1991 

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