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Saturday, 14 May 2016

ETICA ASCETICA-10 Years Anniversay Tape,The Worst Of...-(1000+1 Tilt-Greece-c90-1999)

Etica Ascetica(Ascetic Ethics) is another name for   the the ghost collective E.A.,I spoke about this project many times now posting all the tapes and some of their art-fanzines. 
This tape ,as the titles refers, was a celebration for 10 years of  activities,it is a compilation with songs taken from the other tape-works released previously.It was compiled by Raff during the summer 1999 and then released by Iason on his cool label 1000+1 Tilt in Greece on the end of the same year. 
Enjoy it.
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a01- Tribal Conviction's End
a02-Silvia barsi recites a pablo Neruda `s song
a03-fragment taken from-Pestilentia Urit Urbem
a04-tesi circonstanziate
a05- Lenses Stained With Blood
a06-fragment taken from E.A.-Herb Mullin split tape
a07- A Waterfall of Emotions
a08-cielo ambrato-latte
a09-fragment taken from Pornohorrors
a10-finestre sulla pena
a11- Traüm
a12-cerchio di coscienza
b01- Your Voice by Mail (part I)
b02- Drops of Ashes
b03-fragment taken from Diskarika Screaming
b04- A Flight of Steps in Your Body
b05- Just Another Prey
b06- Haemorrage Yourself
b07-oasi finale del rantolare
b08-poncif(luogo comune)
b09-fragment taken from Culver-E.A. split tape
b10- Angry Voices, Happy Voices


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