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Sunday 8 May 2016

DANIELE CIULLINI-Identita` Sonora-(Self Relesed-Italy-2016)

Another great release by the cross-cultural genius Daniele Ciullini, mail artist and musician active since the early 80s.
I spoke about him when I posted his digital album Resti(2014).
In that post, you`ll find also his biography and a very useful note about his own works and ideas/messages. His YouTube channel is here
and  here his archive.org page.
In this 4 tracks mini album called Identita` Sonora(Sonic Identity) Daniele crystallizes ancient sound-sculptures where damned souls and imaginary ghosts move swiftly into parallel dimensions leaving us dazed and speechless.
This is a wonderful album for the lovers of old-school industrial and powerful dark ambient.
A very big thanx to Daniele for choosing my blog to share this amazing album.I loved it, simply.
Enjoy it.