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Friday 6 May 2016

NACHT UND NEBEL- In DIY Session-(Guerilla Front Tapes-France-1992)

Angry, fast, violent HC Punk spitting rage and disgust of this consumer society. Nach Und Nebel released this marvelous tape back in 1992 and it still stands strong for its messages and music today.
It came out with full lyrics sheets both in French and English.
For the lovers of certain anarcho-punk straight from the heart, this is a little jewel.
Enjoy it
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ps-news on the 27/07/2018 by a FB User called Raf Diy after that this was shared on an FB Page about HC Punk:
 "Fond memories of this release on my early tape label, which became Guerilla Vinyl. Meeting and recording this band was just pure pleasure and it seemed like everything was possible. Recorded in South-west of France, in a garage, with cheap material, particularly the mics, on a Fostex X-26 4 tracks cassette portastudio... Sorry about the sound, my fault not theirs :)
 This band only release. They were called Apatride Bunker before, one of the members also played with grindcore band Ultimate Disorder (I had recorded their demo at the same time, in a garden shed!), he and another member later played with Enola Gay, and Disbeer, among other bands."