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Wednesday 23 August 2023

v.a.- Orecchiette Alla Pestona - (Terapia Intensiva/Kollettivo Indios-Italy-1998)

 Number 1 of  this seire-I have already posted the Number 2-or called Bis-compiled by Roberto Liuzzi, who used to write a newsletter called Contro. I cannot find my copy, this is the digital one passed to me by Roberto, I got back in touch with him not long ago, he has nowadays a blog: Tribe`s Union, which mainly focused on the Italian HC punk scene.

This compilation offer to us a selection of great bands coming from Apulia region, active on the end of the 90s.The booklet reports info and contacts. I have translated,freely, the introduction to this sampler:

 This compilation assembled by the chefs Terapia Intensiva and Indios Collective, it was born from the will to get together in 1 tape the music by bands around us. a sort of manifesto of the expressions of the DIY punk scene from the Apulia region. This scene is close to us geographically, we live in Apulia. Maybe this is the first action of this kind in our region. We thought to make it as a fundraiser, eventually we want to use the profit out of it to build a DIY screen printing to print T-shirts, stickers and more stuff and use the money raised from their sale as a fund to help various organizations (animalist,anti-army, ecologist...)which we care of. Actions that we have had in our minds for a long time, this idea is definitely something that we can define as THINK GLOBALLY-ACT LOCALLY, this is our Compilaton Orecchiette Alla Pestona. The dish is very yummy and we hope that the tape will be yummy too.
This sampler will not stay alone, in fact, we are already thinking to release a second volume next year, a volume that will include other bands that we couldn`t fit in here for various reasons. So, stay tuned..you can write to our addresses...
NDT addresses are very obsolete.

To complete this post I am adding the tracklist and the introduction from the booklet. A very big thank you to Roberto for his help and kindness.Enjoy it.

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Ricetta Brindisina
A1Shock Treatment (4)New Day Rising
A2Shock Treatment (4)Escape From...
A4Gangway Man*Papapaparipapa

Ricetta Barese
A5PancroniaItalian Hospital
A6A Testa Bassa*Movimenti Statici

Ricetta Leccese
B1Suburban NoiseWhat Else To Say
B2Run Patty RunPressure
B3Lilly NoizCielo Grigio

Ricetta Tarantina
B4HobophobicNon È Realtà
B6SFC*È Stato Lo Stato
B7SFC*4 Sbarre

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