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Thursday 10 August 2023

DIASPORA - Gaikkodibehtet Muvrrat Vuolás - (ElderBerry Records/ BBP Recs/Ruin Nation Recs/Witchhunt/Yellow Fever-UK/Finland/Germany/Sweden-1999)

   Diaspora was a hardcore punk band from Finland. Members also played in "Alakulttuurin Kusipäät", Kansalaistottelemattomuus, Olotila, Pax Americana, Positive Negative, Anti Maschistas, Domo Arigato, Haymarket Eight, Life's A Riot!, Scumbrigade, Sista Civilisationens Död, This Is Not A Game Of Who The Fuck Are You, Umbrella Tribe, War Of Words, Yuppiecrusher, Eristetyt, Lapinpolthajat, Kurwa Aparata, Rajat, Riistetyt, Sotatila, and Turun Tauti. This album came out as a co-production amongst various cool independent punk record labels. Enjoy it.

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