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Wednesday 7 September 2022

SCARY HAIRY Overcoming Limitations Of Being Raised As A Girl (Fanzine-UK-2014)


This is a zine about feminists and body hair, the stereotypes that come with feminism and other people’s stories. It is supposed to be seen by all sorts of people, feminists and not feminists; it is targeted at people to inform them.

I am not sure how positive the message is. To me the writer/illustrator of this zine seems really pissed off and has approached to zine in quite an aggressive way. For it to be fully understood this zine needs to be read first hand.

They are communicating what feminism is and issues and stereotypes that surround it. It has been communicated through passages of text together; this makes it easy to read and fun at the same time. Gender stereotypes have also been broached showing the difference between boys and girls and how they are put in boxes as soon as they are born.(review from Critical Journal)     click me


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