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Sunday, 25 September 2022

UR/IRON MOLAR – Ur / Iron Molar -(Locust Swarm Rex/The Fucking Clinica /Alampo Records-Italy-2009)

Ur were born in early 2005 as a collaboration between Federico Esposito and Mauro Sciaccaluga, both active in the italian hardcore circuit.
Federico was a member of Heartside and is also responsible of the industrial / power-electronics project Den LXV. Mauro was a member of Downright, Kafka and Never Was, and he is also collaborating with Den LXV.
Federico and Mauro were later joined by Andrea Ferraris (Burning Defeat, Permanent Scar, Onefineday, Deep End, One By One).
Ur made their live debut at the Afe-Party in November 2005. Their music is mostly based on free improvisation and its sonorities can't easily be described without referring to the well-known and wildest experiments of Industrial music of the late '70s / early '80s.

Iron Molar is  .Jacopo Menelli, Massimo Meloni

The Fucking Clinica D.I.Y. Italian label run by Marcella Spaggiari Sites:fuckingclinica.blogspot.com, Facebook

Alampo Records Italian label focusing on ambient and experimental electronic music :alampomusic.com, MySpace, web.archive.org

 Locust Swamp Rex Label run by Nicola Solieri.MySpace 

(all info from Discogs)  click me


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