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Monday 13 July 2020

ANTICORPI-Civilta`,Ma Dove?-[Re-Issue,Best Sound Quality]+Biography+Videos-(Self Released-Italy-1992 > 2017)

Back in 2009, I digitalized this amazing cassette and I passed it to Radiomolotov blog! Then I have re-posted it in this blog back in 2015, unfortunately, my copy has a little glitch on 1 track. Yet many people downloaded it and some also used my rip for their Youtube channels.

 Lately, I got in touch with Pino(The guitarist) and He kindly passed me a much better copy of this demo to share here, as there was almost no info on the net about this obscure yet great band I have asked Pino to write a little biography and He also passed me many original and unreleased videos both from the 90s and from their reunion in 2017, that I, very happily uploaded on my Youtube channel.

Today I can, therefore, offer you a great sound quality of this legendary demo, I left it as wave files + some useful info about Anticorpi and a few videos.
A very big THANX to Pino for his help and for passing me all these astonishing pearls from the band`s archive.
Enjoy it.
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Anticorpi was born at the end of 1988.
In the beginning, the line up was Jury =bguitar, Igor =bass guitar and Massimo on drums. In 1990 Igor and Massimo left the band and the line up changed with Pino on guitar, Jury on bass, Poldo on drums and Franco singing.
The band was active playing gigs from 90 to 92 mainly around the Milano and Bergamo area, but also touring the Basque Country in 1990.
In 1992, Poldo left the band and Pino started his adventure with 2000 Dirty Squatters. These events marked the demise of the band. Nevertheless, the band managed to record a demo, "Civilta`, ma dove?" in only 10 hours before they completely split up.
In 2017 and 2019 Anticorpi reunited with Stilo on bass guitar, he played the drums for a brief period in the early days, before Poldo joined the band! 
Anticorpi played 2 gigs, one at the Circolo Anarchico "Ponte Della Ghisolfa" in Milano and another one at Laboratotio Anarchico "Perla Nera" in Alessandria.
At the moment the project seems definitely dead...it seems...

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