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Monday 27 July 2020

FLATLINER-Shake Yer Sensors-(D-Trash Records-Canada-2020)

Coming straight from the near-future-next-Sunday-AD, FLATLINER, who stars some lunatic called Tommy Mnemonic, is a pure love letter to the old school 90's Big Beat flavoured Digital Hardcore. If you dig mindfucking breaks and thrashing guitar riffs, then this Cyberpunk themed sonic havoc is for YOU. Now that the dark future is actually the Dark Present, why not jump straight into 42 minutes of pure digital aggressive anger? 17 carefully selected the most devastating tracks from his Grammy Award-winning discography; the sounds of the near future, the sound of a fucked up present, the sound your neighbours would hate, and the sound of a random French dude who has nothing to lose and everything to win!
 There comes a time when rules become outdated, a time when constraints become nothing more than memories and harmless nostalgia. That time is now. D-TRASH Records is a Canadian record label & collective of hardcore electronic artists with a habit for destroying what is old, and creating what is new, taking over stagnant music and scenes.(D-Trash Records)!click me

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