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Sunday 5 July 2020

DEATHPACT-Fucked Future-(Self Released-USA-2005)

4 tracks of violent Hardcore Punk on this short Cd-r by the American Deathpact.
 I haven`t got much info about this band and I, just, reckon that this is the same band that released a 7inch called simply Deathpact in 2006.
Enjoy it. 


  1. Holy Fuck, this thing is a RAGER!!! Thanks for sharing. You don't have the EP they put out, do you? Also, I'd love to get a link to my blog in your "Nice Blogs" list over there - I've had you linked up for a minute now, cheers.

  2. @Icky_7734-I have added your blog in my blg roll,would you do the same wth mine.please?

    1. I apologize, as I thought I had already linked yours before asking you for a link in exchange - you are now on my "Hit 'Em" Blog List. Thank You. Your blog has been an inspiration; I dig the free-form thing too. See you around...