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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

v.a-Another Kick Into Their Balls-(Total Noise Tapes-Germany-1988)

25 tracks by 12 bands playing different styles of HC Punk and Punk. The label claims that this is the second sampler of all-female punk bands, in fact, they call it "The 2nd Female World Compilation Tape".
Some tracks are quite catchy, some others a bit less.
The folded cover sleeve reports addresses and a few info.
Enjoy it.
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A1 Misanthropic Charity Message
A2 Misanthropic Charity Intro/Lust Live 01.05.1987 At Ungdomshuset>Copenhagen<
A3 Misanthropic Charity Flag
A4 Burning Bush (2) Silo
A5 Burning Bush (2) Musta Been Absent
A6 Verdun Fast Food
A7 Verdun Günther
A8 Wench (2) A Matter Of Time
A9 GNX GNX Sweet Tunes
A10 GNX GNX Towards Hope
B1 Pin Prick Longtemps
B2 Pin Prick Los Alfanques >Live<
B3 Pin Prick Pleonasme
B4 Destroy The Boy Never See
B5 Destroy The Boy Into My Skin
B6 Bad Influence (3) Would You ???
B7 Bad Influence (3) Cheyenne Anthem
B8 Lego's* De Buren
B9 Lego's* Indian Scream
B10 Mimmis* Sag' Micht Wein
B11 Pink Turds In Space Blind Man
B12 Pink Turds In Space Jerusalem Street Mine
B13 Pink Turds In Space Wall's Cornetto
B14 Pink Turds In Space Stop It
B15 Alptraum Fucktor Viele 1000


  1. THANKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Too many great band names for a single compilation! I'm IN!