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Sunday 23 February 2020

v.a.-Mail Music Project by Nicola Frangione Collective Work-(Armadio Officina Audio Editions-Italy-1983)

In the spirit of the Mail Art movement of the 1980s comes the Mail Music project. Collecting 47 sound art samples sent in from around the world, Nicola Frangione compiles them together in a pastiche manner similar to the Distruct LP compiled by P16.D4. Each side is one continuous track and the individual sound submissions which are approximately 1 - 1.5 minutes long, overlap giving the impression of collage work. This was a time when DIY was flourishing and the result is captured beautifully here. Only a few of the artists are well known: Maurizio Bianchi, Vittore Baroni, P16.D4, Masami Akita, Naif Orchestra. But don't let that put you off. This is one of the best compilations in the vein of whacked / experimental music to come out of the 1980s. In a numbered, limited edition of 1000, this LP is very hard to find today.(from Mutant Sounds blog)click me



Limited and numbered edition of 1000 copies.

The tracks overlap and make up one continuous piece on each side.
A1 Maurizio Bianchi Untitled 1:08
A2 Sergio Cena Untitled 0:48
A3 Arrigo Lora-Totino Untitled 1:32
A4 Ubaldo Giacomucci Untitled 0:51
A5 Enzo Rosamilia Untitled 1:02
A6 Vittore Baroni Untitled 0:57
A7 Steen Moller Rasmussen* Untitled 0:59
A8 Tommy Rinnstein Untitled 1:19
A9 Serse Luigetti Untitled 1:08
A10 Masami Akita Untitled 1:19
A11 Franco Ballabeni Untitled 1:01
A12 Gerald Jupitter-Larsen* Untitled 0:57
A13 Richard Kostelanetz Untitled 1:39
A14 Bellee Etienne Marge Untitled 1:16
A15 Paulo Bruscky Untitled 1:14
A16 Sergio* - Emilio Morandi Untitled 1:15
A17 Jesse Glass Jr. Untitled 1:08
A18 Sue Fishbein Untitled 1:09
A19 Rod Summers Untitled 1:12
A20 P16.D4 Untitled 1:29
A21 Jane Fay Untitled 1:46
A22 Carlos Zerpa Untitled 0:49
A23 Luca Miti Untitled 1:10
B1 Bleus Guy Untitled 1:10
B2 Italo Mazza Untitled 0:47
B3 Raffaele Cuomo Untitled 0:44
B4 SWSW Thrght Untitled 1:19
B5 Cartsen Schmidt-Olsen* Untitled 1:14
B6 Niesporek Lutz Untitled 0:46
B7 Giacomo Bergamini Untitled 0:55
B8 Peter Paalvast Untitled 1:27
B9 Günther Ruch Untitled 1:08
B10 Emmett Walsh Untitled 0:48
B11 Leif Brush Untitled 1:03
B12 Piermario Ciani Untitled 1:21
B13 Reservation-Henk-Jockec Untitled 0:54
B14 Naif Orchestra Untitled 1:44
B15 Hiroko Iwata Untitled 0:38
B16 Giovanni Fontana Untitled 0:58
B17 Jaroslav Pokorny Untitled 0:45
B18 Ruggero Maggi Untitled 0:39
B19 Peter R. Meyer Untitled 1:07
B20 Guy Stuckens Untitled 0:47
B21 Klaus Peter Dencker Untitled 0:54
B22 José M.Pezuela Pintò Untitled 0:53
B23 Peeter Sepp Rock Rat Untitled 1:19
B24Lon Spiegelman Untitled 1:07

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