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Friday 12 July 2019

Θάνατος Αρχίζει –Γιατί -Λαυχατατάθλιψη [Thanatos Archizei / Begins the Death - Giati / Why - Lauchatathlipsi]-(Fanzine-Greece-198?)

Very rare Greek fanzines from the last century.
These zines were made by the band Mavra Idanika (Black Ideals) from Athens.
Aesthetically very close to some graphic works of bands such as Crass and Rudimentary Peni as well as the messages contained in these great collages.

Thanatos Archizei(Death Begins) contains
graphics works and texts against the army, (nuclear) wars and religions.

Giati(Why) delivers to us some lyrics by Mavra Idanika + messages against prisons/asylums, state violence, family violence, veganism and animal liberation.

Laukatathlipsi offers us contents about sex and gender, religion, the voting system + political parties, animal exploitation and some music reviews. 

These amazing fanzines were printed around the early and mid-80s and are true evidence of the anarcho-punk movement in the Greek capital during these years.
My gratitude to Ionas of E.T.C. label for passing me these 3 obscure pearls from the deep Greek underground scene and for translating their main messages.
Enjoy them if you are greek literate.




  1. This is Pavlos, the singer of Mavra Idanika, the band that produced these zines in 1984-85. Thank you for keeping the memories alive!

    1. @ Pavlos---thnak you for your comment...any chance to listen to the music of your band???

  2. Info from Discogs: Μάβρα Ιδανικά - Greek punk group formed in Athens in the summer of 1983, initially as a quartet (bass-drums-guitar-vocals). After a few months, in January 1984, the guitarist was out and they carried on as a trio (bass-drums-vocals). They gave only two gigs (Athens and Megara, both in 1985) and published two of the earliest local punk fanzines. At their last line-up a second bassist was added. They stopped playing in the summer of 1985. No studio recordings were ever made. Some rehearsals + live trax were relaesed on LP in 2012.

    1. @ MIso-thanx very much for those info...I`d lvoe to listen to that lp released in 2012...

  3. wow !! here in greece very few people know this fanzine , and even fewer have it ! anyway here are the songs of black ideals / μαύρα ιδανικά , really raw and rough lo fi punk , with great lyrics , really political and in to the point
    cheers ! https://blackideals.bandcamp.com/releases