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Saturday 13 July 2019

KLEG-Eating And Sleeping(#15)-(Barooni-Holland-1987)

Kleg (1984-1995) was an art-rock ensemble from Groningen, the Netherlands. Influenced by Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham.
Kleg recorded two albums: #15 'Eating and Sleeping' and Zing.
#15 was a 50-minute suite.
Zing had a more conventional rock-feel and was produced by Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. Both albums are out of print.
4 unreleased tracks from 1995 were made public in 2014 via their Bandcamp page.
 Eating And Sleeping (#15) was commissioned by the City Of Groningen in 1987.
Barooni was a Dutch label, founded by Roland Spekle, it seems that it is not active anymore. (All Info from Discogs)
Enjoy it.

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