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Friday 9 March 2018

TRANCE/DAVID S. HASTINGS-Unyielding Firmament/Toy Box[Split Tape](Sounds For Consciousness Rape-France-1993)

Trance is Mason Jones.The earliest musical entity begun by Mason was called Trance. Starting in 1987, recordings under the name Trance were released on a number of small-edition cassettes, followed by CDs and singles. As a live venture, Trance included other participants over the years, including Elden M., Annabel Lee, Sam Lohmann, and others. Live collaborations under the guise of Trance included shows with Jim O'Rourke, Joe Papa, The Evolution Control Committee, and many more. The name "Trance" was retired after the word became inextricably intertwined with bad electronic music.His actual webpage is here.
No info about David S. Hastings.
Sounds For Consciousness Rape is a defunct French label active in the early '90s in the industrial/noise area and well-known for its limited edition releases.
Enjoy it.


Unyielding Firmament
A1 Trance Foundation
A2 Trance Ascension

Toy Box
B1 David S. Hastings Toy Box


Packaged with two j-cards (one transparent, one translucent) which, when overlapped, complete the full layout.


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