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Wednesday 21 March 2018

v.a.-Slaughter Age 95-(Slaughter Productions-Italy-1995)

14 tracks by 14 artists(acts) playing death industrial and extreme noise...released by the legendary Slaughter Productions: label managed by Marco Corbelli aka Atrax Morgue, releasing mostly his own music and few other associated noise artists. 
Enjoy it.


A Happy Introduction...
A1 Megaptera Lurking Fear 7:36
A2 Stratvm Terror Auto Terror 6:11
A3 Atrax Morgue Sektion 4 5:56
A4 Advokat Ihrer Hoheit Jacqueline (Vers. II) 4:25
A5 Contagious Orgasm Nervus Vagus 5:33
A6 Negru Voda Psycho Voodoo Killer 3:13
A7 Die Sonne Satan Regerminated III 5:21

To The Slaughter...
B1 Drape Excrement Exculpation 4:24
B2 Third Eye (2) Scrying 6:30
B3 Fatal Impact Execute Brain (Act I) 5:45
B4 Lunus* Exquisite Corpse 5:04
B5 Murder Corporation Extract From Second Action 7:02
B6 Pwcca Demogorgon Untitled 9:07
B7 Teatro Satanico Pulsa De Nura 3:24