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Thursday 27 April 2017

v.a.Anti System Front Compilation Tape n1-(ASF Distro-Greece-199?)

Number 1 of this  compilation serie,I already posted the number two. It doesn`t seems easy to find info about this small distro based in Thessaloniki during the early 90s.
The recordings are kind of ok,although some pretty rough!
It is a long international anarcopunk sampler including those bands:Chaotic End(Greece),Disrupt(Usa),Amen(Finland)Meat Shit(Usa),SRMP(Brasil)Chaotic Grinder(Holland),Negative Stance(Greece),Moschops(UK),Human Lethargy(Greece),Attrito(Italy),Kkima(Finland),Postmohous(Holland),
Filthy Charity(France),Atropia Celebral(Peru)Embittered(UK),Schismopathic(Poland)!
Here the introduction to this compilation.
Enjoy it.
ps-this tape is not indexed

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