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Thursday 13 October 2022

BOL-E-ZEN - Svetovni Dnevi Duševnega Ultrazvoka - (Debila Records-Slovenia-2020)


 "Svetovni Dnevi Duševnega Ultrazvoka" means "World Days Of Mental Ultrasound" while Bolezen means Disease in Slovenian language.This is the project by  Tomaž (nicknamed Hruki). In the 90's he's been active in a bunch of legendary grind/noise bands like Diarrhoea, Deca Debilane and No Profit. Also he's been a second vocalist for Extreme Smoke 57's 2013 NoiseFest gig in Ljubljana. 

In this amazing tape Tomaž crafts 4 brilliant tracks of quiet-noize transporting us in a world of dreamlike sounds and messages.

It was released in a limited edition of 30 copies by the Slovenians label Debila Records and it comes with a badge.

Big Thanks to Nejc of Debila Records for sending to me such great tape with a few info and to Tomaž for additional info + the permssion to post it on my blog.Enjoy it. 

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