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Monday 15 March 2021

BedouinDrone-Khan Younis-(Self Released-Bandcamp-2020)


Khan Younis refugee camp is located about two kilometres from the Mediterranean coast, north of Rafah. It lies west of the town of Khan Younis, a major commercial centre and stop-off point on the ancient trade route to Egypt.

Fleeing their homes during the 148 Arab-Israeli war, 35,000 refugees took shelter in the camp. Most were from the Be’er Sheva area. Today, Khan Younis camp is home to 87,816 refugees.
Life for nearly all refugees in the camp has become increasingly difficult because of the blockade on Gaza, with has caused a dramatic deterioration of socio-economic conditions, including ever growing unemployment and poverty rates. Fewer and fewer families can provide for themselves, leaving a staggering proportion of the population dependent on UNRWA’s food and cash assistance. As in other camps across the Gaza Strip, basic hygiene is another big concern with 90 per cent of the camp’s water supply being unfit for human consumption. 

BedouinDrone, drawing inspiration from the conflicting moods of the Middle East. War, prayer and the pressured condition of Arabic culture are the central themes . Drawing attention to political subjects rarely touched upon by the Western electronic music canon. BedouinDrone utilizes techniques of ambient and noise to immerse listeners in the tense state of the current Islamic world. click me

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