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Friday 5 March 2021

DEAD SILENCE - Hell, How Could We Make Any More Money Than This? -(Profane Existence-USA-1994)

Dead Silence arrived on the scene in 1984, they were politically outspoken to the point of being labeled as preachy. This sort of approach ran headfirst into the ‘Don’t rock the boat too much’ philosophy of the Denver scene. The band was hardline on animal rights and vegetarianism, though not all band members shared the same level of passion that Kevin Vulture, the ad hoc leader of the band did.

Say what you will about Kevin and company, but over the years they honed their craft for combining politics and music. When the band was on stage, Kevin’s diatribe backed by a wall of sound set the tone and commanded the room’s attention. After forming, Dead Silence initially played shows in Denver then spent their later years playing in Boulder where they had a stronger following. Despite the short physical distance between Denver and Boulder, the attitudes and lifestyles were fundamentally opposite. Dead Silence seldom played Denver proper past 1985. During an interview in the 8 Flights Up fanzine Kevin and Carl stated: "We don't fit into the music scene in Denver because...Certain bands have a monopoly. We don't fit into the BumKonBrotherRatFluidAcidRanch clique so we haven't played Denver since 1985." 

The band was prolific in releasing records and touring as Kevin kept the vision alive through many incarnations spanning a 10-year period. In hindsight, what I appreciated about Dead Silence was they chose a path and never compromised their integrity. I recently reconnected with Ted, the drummer. Since he and Kevin were the original members who stuck it out for the first 5-years, I thought he’d have a unique perspective on the band. Lorn, another original member also shed some light on a couple of the questions. It was a pleasure catching-up with Ted after more than 25 years. He had a couple of beers during the course of our one-hour conversation, which was a perfect pairing for his Texas accent.    

 (from Punkerbob.com where you `ll find a long and interesting interview to this great band)  click me

Chain Of Thought
Rock The Vote
Tötäl Chäös


 Fold-out sleeve printed inside, with a sleeve sized 16 pages booklet insert.

Sleeve is a parody of the Bad Religion How Could Hell Be Any Worse? LP sleeve.


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