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Saturday, 15 August 2020

v.a-Idealistic Idiot-(BloedvlagProdukt-The Netherlands-c90-1986)

90 minutes long compilation with a bunch of artists playing old school industrial, experimental electronics, ambient noise and more rather difficult music to digest.

 BloedvlagProdukt:1985/1986 tape label run by Peter Zincken. Referred to as just BloedvlagProdukt or Material BloedvlagProdukt on releases.
Succeeded by Nihilistic Recordings.(all info from Discogs)
Enjoy it.

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A1Zona Industriale Inside
A2 Mario Marzidovsek Anaseas
A3 A Violent Body Sounds As Machines
A4 Juryen Detroit, N.Y., Oschlo, Somewhere
A5 Memphis 10 Sc* Beach Bop
A6 Postdestruction* Heilege Roomsche Kerk
A7 Kapotte Muziek ------ (Kp37)
A8 Gurk Ich Glaube Ich Werde Jetzt Ins Rathaus Gehen
A9 Juryen Arg Arf
B1 Odal Positiv Soundsculpture Part2 (Excerpt)
B2 No Unauthorized Comvk Is Weak
B3 Experiment Incest Beats Of Incest (Live)
B4 Zanstones Untitled
B5 Croyners* Untitled
B6 Croyners* Untitled
B7 Violated Body* Sounds As Machine
B8 Zweiterkorps* Live
B9 Blackshirtorchestra The Sodomy Of Sabastiene 


Released with a vellum insert and multi-folded insert. One side is artwork, the other features tracklisting and addresses.

The tracklisting switched positions A6 and A7. The listing on Discogs is corrected.

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