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Saturday, 1 August 2020

MANEURYSM-Dissecting The Remains Of Humanity-(Yellow Dog Records-Germany-1999)

Amazing lp by this American hardcore band from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. They play a great mix of dark HC punk with grindcore alternating melody and samples of vocals about destruction, annihilation and misery. 
They remind me some stuff by early Neurosis and Amebix. 
The lp is good all the tunes around...highly recommend for the lovers of powerful blackish Hardcore punk.
Enjoy it.
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A1Disecting The Remains Of Humanity
A2 Inheritance II
A3 Amputation
A4 Death Of A Mark
A5 Fading
B1 Siphon
B2 Reharvest
B3 Embalming Fluid
B4 Standing On The Throat Of Solution
B5 Bleed Me Dry

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