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Friday, 18 October 2019

v.a.-Bunker Archeology-(Noise Museum-France-1996)

Amazing old sampler offering a good selection of tracks and artists playing dark ambient, cold industrial, ambient noise and similar music.
Noise Museum is a defunct French experimental/industrial/ambient label run by Yann Farcy (L'Invitation Au Suicide). 
Enjoy it.
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Vance Orchestra Reinforced Landscape 10:12
Myase* Myélome 8:41
Telepherique Abbunkern 8:29
Soldnergeist* Zeitsturm 6:59
Daniel Menche Here Is A Proof That You Are Not A Ghost 14:34
Voice Of Eye Nest 6:31
In Between Noise* I, Rain (Vienna) Window 7:46
The Ultra Milkmaids* Byojorcklos 8:02

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