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Sunday 8 April 2018

ORDER 1968-Il Giardino Delle Rune-(Hate Productions-Italy-c60-1992)

Order 1968 is the personal project by Claudio Dondo,who later founded the project Runes Order.He also seems to be the mastermind behind the label Hate Productions.
In this tape, Claudio plays 8 tunes reminding me some experiments of early esoteric electronicks and ambient/drone.
Here a note from LastFM:
"Order 1968 was a dark ambient project formed in 1988 in Genoa, Italy by Claudio Dondo. The name of the project was changed to Runes Order in 1992. Order 1968's compositions were inspired by ritualistic and industrial atmospheres and were composed using synthesizers, pre-recorded tapes, and self-made metallic percussion instruments."
Enjoy it.
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