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Sunday 25 February 2018

INSIDIOUS PROCESS-Mirrors Of The Dead-(Godzilla Records-UK-2015)

INSIDIOUS PROCESS is a five-piece metallic d-beat crust band from Göteborg, Sweden.-2009 we released our first demo.
-2011 we released a Split LP with Avfart 33 (Aborted society, Undislessed, Halvfabrikat).
Our first full-length album (s/t) came out in 2013 (Aborted society, Not enough).
-In 2014 we recorded two songs for a split 7” together with Contorture 2014 (Halfabrikat Records, Not enough, Svoboda Records, Distrorakkos).
-In 2015 we started recording the full-length album Mirrors of the Dead which came out 2016 (LP released by Not Enough Records, Acclaim, Distro Rakkos, Svoboda Records & Tape by Godzilla Distro).We have also released a few songs on several compilations.

Over the years we have been on tours in Europe, Australia and Japan(info from their blog)
Their Bandcamp page is here where you can discover their other productions.
Enjoy it.

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